Proxy Voting

AIMCo exercises the right to vote in publically traded companies around the world, on behalf of our clients, who are shareholders. AIMCo reviews proxy circulars and researches key issues before voting. AIMCo, as a large institutional investor, has opportunities to encourage corporate practices that will enhance long term shareholder value. AIMCo’s proxy voting guidelines duly recognize the importance of good corporate governance in the voting process.

AIMCo exercises its proxy voting rights based on our proxy voting guidelines, taking unique and specific circumstances into account. Our proxy voting guidelines covers definitions, principles, and voting directives for commonly raised voting issues across six broad categories: Board of Directors, Shareholder Rights, Management and Director Compensation, Audit Function, Take-Over Protection and ESG Reporting and Disclosure. A guidelines format allows AIMCo to be responsive to market conditions and individual company circumstances. AIMCo’s Proxy Voting Guidelines are reviewed annually by the AIMCo Responsible Investment Committee.

Proxy Voting Record

Our proxy voting record is maintained by our service provider, Glass Lewis & Co. We provide a rationale for our voting decision when the vote is contrary to management or if the proposal is non-routine.

Proxy Voting History

Proxy Voting Guideline

January 2020