Risk Management

As an investment manager, AIMCo employs a long-term approach to optimize risk in order to maximize return, supported by three pillars of our risk management strategy: Risk Governance, Organization and Data and Systems.

Risk Governance

Risk is a scarce resource that requires efficient and appropriate deployment across the full portfolio of assets under management to maximize returns for clients and ensure the effective operation of the organization. AIMCo has developed a number of specific policies and processes that inform our approach to risk governance. Investment Risk, informed by the parameters of our clients’ respective Statement of Investment Policy and Goals and product descriptions, instills added rigour to investment decisions to ensure the risks are in line with return expectations. Enterprise Risk Management works with the organization to identify, assess, respond to, monitor and report significant and emerging risks that may have an impact on our business strategies and objectives.


Risk management is a core function at AIMCo, comprising both Investment Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management departments to ensure alignment and efficiency. The Investment Risk team is further specialized by Investment Risk Analytics, Product Risk Management and Client Risk Management functions to apply better focus for the requirements of our stakeholders and partners.

Data and Systems

Data and systems are a critical component of an effective risk management strategy. Working closely with AIMCo’s investment teams, Risk Management is presently undertaking a replacement of the current day-to-day investment risk measurement system. An enterprise risk management system is also being implemented in close cooperation with Information Technology Risk and Governance, Internal Controls, Compliance and Internal Audit.