For Alberta

AIMCo is Alberta's Investment Manager. Built by Albertans, for Albertans.

Investment Highlights

As at December 31, 2015


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Bringing the World to Alberta

AIMCo brings the world to Alberta. We invest globally, we hire globally, and through our efforts we continue to secure the best investment opportunities and talent on behalf of our clients.

Our investment teams bring Alberta’s entrepreneurial, can-do spirit to transactions across asset classes and markets. On our own, or alongside like-minded partners, our teams are steadfast in their resolve to do what is best.

For our clients. For Alberta.

(Billions of Dollars)

Alberta Values

AIMCo’s values form the basis of our organizational culture, informing how we make decisions in every aspect of our operations. We are privileged to represent Alberta around the globe and ever mindful that how we do business is a reflection on more than just our organization. At AIMCo, we simply call it doing business the right way.


Dedicated to providing a superior client experience in every facet of our business


Do what you say and say what you do – keep it simple


Learn as much from failure as you do from success


Act in an ethical what is right, not expedient


One company...One team


Enriching the lives of Albertans by building prosperity, security and opportunity across generations.

Clients First

Understanding Client Needs and Providing Guidance

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Chair and CEO Message

Chair & CEO Message

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Our Team - Alberta Wind Farm

Our Team

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Long Term Strategy - Calgary Tower

Long Term Strategy

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Investment Performance

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Autopista Central

Managing unique assets through their investment life cycle

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Investment Outlook

Finding Opportunity in Uncertainty

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Car on Country Road - Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

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Country Road - Invested for Alberta

Invested for Alberta

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Combine in Wheat Field - Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment

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Ice Cave - Investments Over $300M

Investments Over $300M

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Committed to the Highest Standards of Corporate Governance

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