Year in Review Highlights

Focused on Long Term Performance.

We are invested in internal expertise. We create value for our Clients by coupling a deep understanding of their investment objectives to the most appropriate investment opportunities around the world.

Our Clients’ global perspective provides natural diversification and is a calming influence to the volatility in the investment markets. The scale and patience of their mandates allows AIMCo to be a strong, and sought after, investment partner on a global scale.

To realize maximum value for our Clients, AIMCo has strategically positioned itself in offices around the globe. The majority of our team resides in our Edmonton headquarters, where we manage a global pool of investments across all asset classes, while we maintain an office in Toronto to oversee our Private Markets strategy. In 2014, AIMCo established its first international office in London to provide better, and more cost-effective, oversight of our increasing number of European investments.

Asset Mix Charts

Increased risk tolerance to maximize return

Lower risk tolerance emphasizing preservation of capital

  • Money Market and Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Inflation Sensitve
9.9 percent

Total AIMCO Net Investment Return

4.4 percent

Government & Specialty Funds Net Investment Return

11.2 percent

Balanced Funds Net Investment Return

7.6 Billion Dollars

Net Investment Income in 2014

36.5 Billion Dollars

Net Investment Income since 2009

Chair & CEO Messages

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