Guided by Principles

Acting in the best interest of our Clients in every way.

We are invested in Our Core Values and they permeate our entire organization. They are the foundation upon which our corporate culture continues to evolve. We expect our team of professionals to exemplify our Core Values and use them as a guide in all of their dealings.

An organization of our scale has an obligation to do more than simply meet our mandate. We are responsible in our investment philosophy and aim to be a good investment partner in our dealings with our peers and companies we choose to invest in.

Governance is critical and we are led by an independent board of directors equally committed to delivering value through all facets of our business.


Enriching the lives of Albertans by building prosperity, security and opportunity across generations.

Core Values

Bringing our aspirational culture and AIMCo’s Core Values to life is one of our most important priorities.

Investment Performance

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