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working towards our clients’ goals.

Alberta has been the dynamo behind Canada’s economic growth. The province’s energy sector has attracted some of the greatest entrepreneurs.

As Alberta’s investment manager, AIMCo was established with the same can-do spirit of the province, successfully attracting globally experienced talent from Alberta and beyond to the organization.

Driven by the opportunity to make a difference, AIMCo’s teams are singularly focused on delivering the best risk-adjusted rate of return for our clients. Whether it’s ensuring investment decisions are made with the most accurate data and efficient processes or identifying the next source of return, we operate with a deep understanding that our success is necessary to ensure our clients meet their obligations to their stakeholders.

Our culture is built around AIMCo’s Core Values. AIMCo’s recently launched Community Investment Program allows our team to meaningfully contribute their time and expertise to initiatives that make a real difference in our communities.

  • Leo De Bever

    Chief Executive Officer

  • David Goerz

    Executive Vice President,
    Investment Strategy & Risk Management

  • Dale MacMaster

    Executive Vice President,
    Public Market Investments

  • Robert Mah

    Executive Vice President,
    Private Investments

  • Angela Fong

    Chief Corporate and Human Resources Officer

  • Jacquelyn Colville

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brett Kimak

    Chief Compliance Officer

  • John Osborne

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Michael Baker

    Senior Vice President,
    Investment Operations

  • Darren Baccus

    Chief Client Relations & Legal Officer

Corporate Strategy

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