Corporate Strategy

Our Clients’ Objectives

are AIMCo’s objectives.

Access to opportunity allows AIMCo’s 27 clients to meet the unique needs of their stakeholders.

AIMCo teams are aligned to support client objectives. We couple deep client insights with the scale of an institutional investment manager to seek out investment opportunities that might be otherwise unattainable. In doing so, we are doing our part to become their valued service provider and trusted advisor.

AIMCo provides investment management, performance measurement, administration, compliance and proprietary market research to meet our client needs. As a multi-client manager, we instill a strong client relations focus across the organization so that all departments understand their objectives, our investment teams can develop strategies to address them and our client relations team can communicate back to clients how we are meeting their requirements.

AIMCo clients create opportunity for all Albertans:

  • In 2013 our pension fund clients made nearly $1.3 billion in pension payments to meet the retirement needs of over 310,000 active and retired public sector employees.
  • The Alberta Heritage endowment fund system is the largest of its kind in Canada.
  • The government funds we manage are used for Albertans’ priorities such as health care, education, infrastructure and social programs.

AIMCo clients make a difference in our community and we are proud to support them in doing so.

Success Drivers

AIMCo provides a platform that supports earning superior risk-adjusted rates of return. Accomplishing this requires not only thoughtful investment strategy, but a deliberate corporate strategy that envisions the future direction of the organization and its ability to deliver sustainable, long-term results.

  • Client Relationship

  • Investment Management

  • People

  • Financial & Operational

Client Relationship

  • AIMCo’s relationship with our clients is foundational to our business and we develop our strategic plan to achieve their critical goals, aligning our actions to support these outcomes.
  • Our focus on clients is an integrated, organization-wide initiative involving all our resources, our people and our board.

Investment Management

  • AIMCo’s goal is to deliver high-quality investment management services and maximization of investment returns taking into account all risks.
  • Key initiatives include extending AIMCo’s global investment reach and augmenting AIMCo’s currency management practices.


  • AIMCo’s goal is nurturing a culture that embraces our Core Values.
  • Key initiatives include employee development programs focusing on leadership and technical development

Financial and Operational

  • Financial and operational goals support AIMCo’s investment value proposition.
  • Key initiatives include leveraging improvements to portfolio information systems and expanding AIMCo’s risk management enterprise wide.

Investment Performance

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