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Leadership and Management

Establishing AIMCo as a world class investment management organization benefited from an infusion of top senior talent from around the world, ensuring that our firm got off to a strong start. A strong pipeline of future leaders will be critical to the firm’s ongoing success and we recognize this. AIMCo offers opportunities for leadership development at every level: from entry level employees to experienced Vice-Presidents. Our employees are always learning from in-house training to programs to formalized education opportunities with local universities.

Exceptional performers at AIMCo are identified early and participate in advanced level management development programs that provide challenge and growth opportunities at a rate unparalleled in the industry.

AIMCo Investment and Operations Development Program

AIMCo Development Programs are designed to provide Graduates with Masters Degrees in Business, Economics, Mathematics, or other related disciplines an excellent opportunity to gain practical knowledge and work experience as an Associate Analyst. Over a period of 18-24 months, participants have the opportunity to interact with experienced Investment & Operations Professionals and gain valuable experience in a performance based culture.

AIMCo hires energetic, bright and talented Graduates for our Associate programs. These programs offer Associates with an opportunity to work on projects and initiatives specific to the current business needs within AIMCo. The programs also include orientation and training in key functional areas.

The Investment Management program provides exposure to Fixed Income, Public equities, Infrastructure & Timber investments, Real Estate, Mortgages, Private equities, Economics and Risk.

The Investment Operations and Administration program offers training in the areas of Security Operations, Internal Audit & Compliance, Valuation and Fund Accounting, Private & Structured Administration and Project Management Office.

Job Requirements

Preference is given to Graduates with specific education in the area of Investment Finance. Participants should have an interest in the Financial Investment Field and be familiar with:

  • Fundamental statistical concepts
  • Fundamental micro and macro economic concepts
  • Fundamental financial concepts
  • Corporate financial analysis
  • Portfolio theory and portfolio management

Participants must be results-oriented; creative; have strong technical, problem solving and analytical skills; as well as the ability to multitask and successfully manage conflicting priorities while demonstrating a commitment to various deadlines. Excellent communication skills are required with the ability to work in a dynamic team environment. Participants are expected to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Interested applicants are requested to apply online at .


AIMCo is a meritocracy. Your ability to positively impact the performance of your team and success of your peers, will help determine your opportunities for growth. The work environment at AIMCo is positive and supportive with a focus on breaking down silos and building collaboration. From your first day, you will be engaged in the success of the organization working to provide solutions for our clients. Meaningful contributions will be rewarded through increased responsibility and opportunity to drive your career forward at a pace unlike anywhere else.

At AIMCo, we are committed to providing the tools and opportunities to advance your learning and your career as rapidly as possible.

  • From your first day you will be guided by your manager and team, who will help expand your understanding functional area and the role we play in meeting AIMCo’s mandate for our clients.
  • Business leadership development through formal training and on-the-job learning is emphasized.
  • Our formal and informal mentor programs foster supportive relationships that help develop skills, behavior and insights to enable you to attain your goals.


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