AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.


AIMCo has gone to great lengths to develop an offering that is extremely competitive with the private sector and the firms we compete for talent with. We take great pride in hiring the best and want to be considered among those who treat employees the best.


We believe that salaries should be competitive, and total compensation should be tied to performance wherever possible. In our first year, we implemented a number of initiatives such as our Total Rewards, Pay for Performance program and more. These programs have both annual and long-term components and are designed to compete with private sector incentives. They support our emphasis on the recruitment and development of top talent and are also designed to promote cooperation amongst investment teams in achieving superior total portfolio outcomes.

Health Care, Insurance and Other Benefits

AIMCo provides a comprehensive suite of benefits that include the following features:

  • Health care: a choice of medical plans, as well as prescription drug, vision and dental care plans
  • Insurance: life, disability and sickness, and business travel accident insurance plans
  • Holiday and vacation policies: a competitive offering of holidays and vacation time, generally based on employee status and years of service

AIMCo offers flexible retirement finance plans that are designed to allow employees to build a strategy for meeting their personal long-term financial objectives. AIMCo further offers a contribution matching program to maximize your investment in your retirement.


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