AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.


An Environment of Growth and Opportunity

As one of the largest investment managers in the country, with approximately $71 billion under management, AIMCo offers you a myriad of opportunities to challenge your skills, advance your career and enjoy an enviable lifestyle.

Our aim is to build a strong and vibrant investment corporation and we view every employee as a key contributor. We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere where teamwork is valued, and where people can grow and prosper both personally and professionally. As a new investment organization, AIMCo is determined to be different. We want to be a place where fresh thinking is welcome, where discussion is always open and the exchange of ideas never stops.

A new culture of innovation, creativity and employee empowerment is flourishing. We are creating a dynamic working environment and we are seeking dynamic people who want to be a part of it. Our goal is for you to take away a sense of accomplishment every day knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of individuals and in the communities we serve.

As a citizen of Edmonton, you'll be living in a place that is home to professional NHL hockey and CFL football, a thriving entertainment district, a diverse menu of superb restaurants and incredible shopping. The Rocky Mountains and the world's best skiing, hiking and biking are just a short drive away. Without question, working for AIMCo is a breath of fresh air.


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