AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.
AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.


Prior to becoming a Crown corporation in 2008, our assets were managed by a division of Alberta Finance and Enterprise. Although we had continuously produced solid returns for many years, we believe we will do even better as a Crown corporation.

One of the main reasons revolves around differing attitudes toward risk. The business of government is often defined by a strict avoidance of risk. To achieve optimal investment performance, however, some level of risk must be accepted.

Operating on commercial principles with a strong Board, AIMCo is determined to produce superior, long-term investment results without taking unacceptable risks. Our evolution from a division of government to a Crown corporation is critical to good governance and sound investment decisions. That will put us in a better position to meet the evolving needs of our clients, respond to market changes and compete and excel in a competitive global marketplace.


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