AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.
AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.


The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing management of the business and affairs of AIMCo. As part of this mandate, the Board sets the strategic direction of the Corporation and oversees the development and implementation of policies and procedures that govern the conduct of AIMCo’s business.


The Board of Directors has established four standing committees, which assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities:

  • The Investment Committee oversees and considers the investment activities and operations of AIMCo, reviews investment- and risk-related reports from management, and then votes on specific investment-related matters. the Investment Committee comprises all of the members of the board, with virginia Holmes serving as Chair.
  • The Audit Committee oversees financial reporting processes, development and implementation of internal audit and financial control policies, and compliance with said policies and applicable laws and regulations. It also reviews the correct implementation of AIMCo’s whistleblower policy.
  • The Governance Committee oversees the policies, processes and procedures that comprise AIMCo’s corporate governance framework. this includes overseeing terms of reference for the board of Directors and each board committee, conducting board evaluations, and generally ensuring the principled, effective continuing operation of the board of Directors.
  • The Human Resources and Compensation Committee oversees the human resources strategy, philosophy and policies of the Corporation and offers insights to ensure these are aligned with corporate objectives. the committee similarly reviews employee compensation practices, organizational structure and management development and succession, and provides oversight on labour relations strategy.

At every meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board and all committees have in camera sessions, without management attending.


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