AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.
AIMCo - Alberta Investment Management Corp.


AIMCo is a Crown corporation of the Province of Alberta, committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Corporate governance refers to the rules, processes, or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated, and controlled.

AIMCo’s investments, which are made on behalf of 26 pension, endowment and government entities, determine quality of life outcomes for all Albertans. As such, the policies, guidelines, processes and procedures that form a robust corporate governance framework are fundamental to the AIMCo mission- to inspire the confidence of Albertans. AIMCo is similarly committed to a culture of integrity and accountability in the pursuit of its goals.

Code of Conduct

AIMCo has adopted a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards which contains principles and guidelines for ethical behavior at AIMCo. The Code applies to all AIMCo employees, including executive officers. Compliance with the Code is a condition of employment with AIMCo.

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AIMCo has established a whistleblower policy and reporting service which provides all employees with the ability to confidentially report any failure to comply with the Code.

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