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Nov, 2014

AIMCo Appoints New CEO

Oct, 2014

AIMCo Q4 Investment Outlook 2014

Oct, 2014

AIMCo Q4 Investment Outlook 2014

Oct, 2014

Successful Bid, Porterbrook Acquisition

AIMCo, Allianz and Hastings successfully bids for acquisition of Porterbrook

Sep, 2014

Fund, Investor Statement, UN Climate Summit

Climate Resilient Infrastructure Letter and Statements presented to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon (Pocantico Statement, September 23rd, 2014)

Sep, 2014

AIMCo Responsible Investment Report 2013-14

Aug, 2014

AIMCo Acquires OMERS Mortgage Portfolio

Jul, 2014

Investment Outlook: Playing in a Crowded Sandbox

David Goerz EVP Investment Strategy & Risk Management

Jul, 2014

UN PRI Public Transparency Report

Apr, 2014

Investment Outlook: Colouring Outside the Lines

David Goerz EVP Investment Strategy & Risk Management

Apr, 2014

AIMCo Announce CEO Succession Plan

Executive succession for an organization is an important fiduciary responsibility for both the Board and the CEO.

Apr, 2014

AIMCo Announces Strong Returns for Clients in 2013

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) is pleased to report a 14.0% net rate of return on behalf of its balanced fund clients, who represent $63.2 billion of assets under management, for the year ending December 31, 2013.

Apr, 2014

AIMCo Response - OSC Request for Comment

Proposed Amendments to Form 58-101F1 Corporate Governance Disclosure of National Instrument 58-101

Mar, 2014

Partnership Boost Investment Returns

Alberta-based Partnership Aims to Boost Investment Returns

Mar, 2014

New Appointments to Board of Directors

AIMCo Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors

Jan, 2014

London Office Opening

AIMCo Affirms Global Presence with London Office Opening

Jan, 2014

CSR Strategy (2009) Review for Canadian Extractive companies

AIMCo and bcIMC submitted a response to the Federal Government’s request for comments as it commences a review of its CSR strategy for the Canadian extractives industry.

Dec, 2013

Investment Outlook: Great Inflection Points

David Goerz, EVP Investment Strategy & Risk Management

Nov, 2013

CSA Consultation Paper 54-401

AIMCo and six major Canadian pension plans submitted a joint response to the Canadian Securities Administrators request for comments on consultation paper 54-401 Review of the Proxy Voting Infrastructure.

Sep, 2013

OSC Staff Consultation Paper 58-401

AIMCo contributed to this letter from PIAC, which concerns disclosure to encourage enhanced gender equity on boards, in the capacity of our membership on the governance committee of Pension Investment Association of Canada (PIAC).

Sep, 2013

Responsible Investment 101

This paper outlines defining attributes and the business case for RI

Sep, 2013

Investing in Emerging Markets

“It Is Not What It Used To Be”

Jul, 2013

Proposed Amendments to 62-104 Take-Over Bids “Early Warning”

AIMCo cautions that the relative benefits of disclosure must be weighed against institutional investors’ need to ensure confidentiality of business strategy.

Jul, 2013

Proposed 62-105 Security Holder Rights Plans

AIMCo overall approves of the proposal to require an irrevocable minimum tender condition of 50% plus 1 and a subsequent extension of the bid by ten days after arriving at the mandatory minimum condition.

Jun, 2013

Vue Entertainment

OMERS Private Equity and AIMCo to acquire Vue Entertainment

Jun, 2013

The Top 10

The Top 10 - A Snapshot

Jun, 2013

Investing for Canada

The Top 10 - Investing for Canada on the World Stage

Jun, 2013

Top 10 News

The Top 10 - News release

May, 2013

OSC’s ‘2013-14 Statement of Priorities’

AIMCo welcomes measures taken to eliminate slate voting and enhance disclosure and encourages the OSC to consider a mandatory majority voting standard.

Feb, 2013

Comment on OECD draft Principles of Long-Term Investment Financing for Institutional Investors

AIMCo comments on ways to improve the economic and regulatory climate for long- term investing.

Jul, 2012

Seizing Opportunity

Jun, 2012

8.7% Gross Rate

AIMCo Announces 8.7% Gross Rate of Return for 2012 Fiscal Year End

Nov, 2011

Interest in Grupo SAESA

AIMCo Completes Acquisition of 50% Interest in Grupo SAESA

Sep, 2011

Timberland Investment

Timberland is a major asset class for many institutional investors.

Aug, 2011

Making Internal Audit More Credible and Relevant

Building credibility and confidence

May, 2011

Private Equity 101

An Introduction to Illiquid Investments

May, 2011

China, India and Alberta

China and India have been growing in importance

Jan, 2011

Acquisition of Forestry Properties

AIMCo and New Forests Complete Acquisition of Forestry Properties of Great Southern Plantations

Dec, 2010

Chilean Toll Road

AIMCo signs agreement to acquire 50% interest in Chilean Toll Road

Dec, 2010

New Senior Staff Members

AIMCo Appoints Four New Senior Staff Members

Jun, 2009

Business News Network

AIMCo CEO, Dr. Leo de Bever, interviewed on Business News Network

Nov, 2008

AIMCo sponsors this year's JDC West competition

AIMCo sponsors this year's JDC West competition JDC West is the premier business competition in Canada because of its high academic standards, unique spirit of team work and sportsmanship, but mostly, because of the fact that it has changed the undergraduate business education model.

Aug, 2008

$75B man

Meet Alberta's $75B man

Apr, 2008

Leo de Bever, CEO

AIMCo Board announces Leo de Bever as CEO

Apr, 2008

Stonegate Landing

AIMCo participates in Stonegate Landing project in Calgary

Mar, 2008

Private Equity Investment

KMC Mining Corp., an open-pit miner in the Canadian oil sands, has raised private equity funding from TriWest Capital Partners, Alberta Investment Management Corp., ATB Investment Management, Kensington Capital Partners and KMC management.

Jan, 2008

Directors appointed to Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)

The Alberta government has appointed two additional directors as part of creating a world-class board to oversee the newly established Alberta Investment Management Corporation.