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AIMCo is a long-term investor to ensure that we are able to meet the long-term return objectives of our clients.  Delivering on this mandate requires vision and foresight to anticipate where we can earn sustainable risk-adjusted returns.  AIMCo's investment teams are proven leaders in their asset classes, but our culture of collaboration allows us to see opportunity where others may not.  Our goal is not to be different, but to be more effective, and that notion continues to drive our success.

White papers


Sep, 2014
White Paper

AIMCo Responsible Investment Report 2013-14

Jul, 2014
White Paper

UN PRI Public Transparency Report

Sep, 2013
White Paper

Responsible Investment 101

This paper outlines defining attributes and the business case for RI

Sep, 2013
White Paper

Investing in Emerging Markets

“It Is Not What It Used To Be”

Sep, 2011
White Paper

Timberland Investment

Timberland is a major asset class for many institutional investors.

Aug, 2011
White Paper

Making Internal Audit More Credible and Relevant

Building credibility and confidence

May, 2011
White Paper

Private Equity 101

An Introduction to Illiquid Investments